Vetting Criteria

Why we vet

We pride ourselves as being the only Holistic Health Register that vet all users before they have access to the site (service users) or can list their business (practitioners and businesses).

When we vet

When you sign up for a membership, we will start the vetting process. You will receive an email requesting the following information, which you will need to send to us so that we can confirm your credentials. Please note your listing will not be live and you will not be able to take bookings until all information has been received and verified.

You will need to read and review the Holistic List Code of Conduct.


What we vet

You will need to send the following to quoting your order number:
(Scans, PDFs or clear photos from a mobile phone are acceptable)

Individual Practitioner:

  1. Professional certification for all the therapies or services you offer
  2. Proof of memberships or affiliations
  3. Any governmental or local authority registrations/licences (if relevant)
  4. Insurance that is valid for the above therapies or services
  5. You will need to prove your identity via the link we send you from our service partner Credas
  6. Services offered, including a current pricelist and opening times (so that we can set you up for online bookings)

Practices, Holistic Retreats and Holistic Spas

  1. Send the above for each Employee, Contractor, Self Employed or Freelancer to be included in your listing
  2. Insurance details, including Employee Liability
  3. Governmental or local authority registrations/licences (if relevant)
  4. Business Owner(s) details
    1. Include all directors (if relevant)
  5. Services offered, including a current pricelist and opening times (so that we can set you up for online bookings)
  6. Review sites to be checked, including
    1. Google
    2. Social accounts
    3. Practice website

What happens next

After we receive all of this information, our vetting team will get busy verifying all of your information. Once this is done, we will be in touch again to confirm the next steps, which will be to make your listing live.

To make your listing live there is a bit of work we need to do in the backoffice to ensure that you get the most out of the benefits of the web platform. We will create a vendor account, which means you can offer your services on our platform. You will receive a number of emails from us – please review them, we send these just to keep you informed. We will request you provide a pricelist or website site for us to set up your booking products so you can take online bookings and payments. Once you are happy, we then make your listing live.

You are always in control of pricing, calendar and information, we will support you to ensure you and all service users get the best from the platform. We do take a small percentage of all bookings; this covers all payment charges and helps to maintain the best platform.

All payments are processed by our payment partner, Stripe; we do not hold any payment details on our site – it is held securely by Stripe (their privacy policy: You receive your payout almost immediately when a service user books, less our percentage.

We welcome you to our family…

What happens with my data

We use your data to vet your identity, certifications, memberships and associations to ensure that you are who you say you are and you are certified to carry out all the services your advertise. This is for the safety of all who use our platform.

Your identity data is vetted by a reputable partner Credas (their privacy policy can be viewed here: We do not hold any of this data, it is held by Credas, who are regulated by UK law.

The certificates and any information shared with us is all stored secured on another cloud service, nothing is held on the web platform to ensure we protect your data. It is stored only for the purpose of vetting and is not shared with any partner unless we have your express permission to do so. If at any stage you want to request you right to be forgotten, you can do so by contacting us.

All your data is regulated by the UK law, check out our data privacy policy for more information.

Holistic List Vetting Statuses and Score

Holistic List Statuses (HLS)

These are HLS’s that we add to a profile, which refelect the stage that a business has obtained.

Vetting in progress

We have received the practitioner/business documents and are working through them to check their validity.  If you want to book this business please contact us first to establish the status of their vetting.


We have vetted only that the practitioner has in the last year been a member of a recognised association or institute.  We have not checked their documentation, certification, identity or insurance.  


We have carried out a number of checks related to the practitioner including but not limited to: identity, certification, associations, local government requirements and insurance.  We would recommend these practitioners as they have passed our strict criteria and can book them with confidence.  We would also check the HLCR before choosing to ensure the best match.  

Site Visited

This is the highest level that we vet, the practitioner has passed HLS2 and a member of the Holistic List team has physically visited the site.  We have checked a long list of criteria including but not limited to the services that are on offer match certification for all staff, insurance coverage match the cover provided and we have had a treatment/class/retreat (events are excluded).  These practitioner/businesses are recommended especially if their HLCR is higher than 4.

If you would like to know more about how we vet please contact us, or if you would like to put yourself forward to be vetted please contact us.


Holistic List Confidence Rating (HLCR)

What is the HLCR?

The HLCR © is the rating that we have given a practitioner or business to help balance the scales between hearsay and reviews.  We use our unique indepth algorithm to work out a score between 0-5.

How we generate HLCR number

We use over 40+ criteria to work out the HLCR.

Why is it important?

As a Service User or referrer this should give you a large degree of confidence. We ensure the information that has been provided to us is as accurate as possible. 

If a Business is ‘Site Visited’

If a practitioner or business has been visited, we check an additional 30+ criteria. This is cross checked for accuracy ensuring our independence which is paramount.

What we do with the information

We update the listing to include our review and any permitted images and video clearly identified.  

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the HLCR please contact us