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Reiki – where did it all begin?

Reiki is a method of healing which is based on the body’s energy system, also known as universal life force energy. Reiki can be used to self-treat, to care for family and friends, and is also offered in private practice and medical settings as a complementary therapy to wellness and traditional medical care. The form of Reiki that many people practice today, Usui Reiki, has been in use for over one hundred years.

The Holistic List is now LIVE and inviting holistic practitioners to sign up

Are you a practising complementary therapist? Be part of something huge and sign up to www.holisticlist.co.uk now. The Holistic List is an online register that was developed by a team of complementary therapists who, in their previous lives as jet-setting business people, found it difficult to find suitable, good, treatments for themselves when travelling on Read more…