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Do your practice in one of the following Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) sectors?

Alternative and Medical Practices

Holistic Dentists, Doctors, Nurses and Traditional Healing Practitioners.

Holistic Health Courses and Training

Holistic Health focused courses and training.

Massage and Physical Practices

Ancient, Contemporary, Swedish and Sports Massage Practitioners.​

Fitness and Nutritional Practices

Physical Traners and Dietician and Nutritional Practitioners.

Energy and Spiritual Practices

Energetic and Traditional and Ancient Spiritual Practitioners.

Mind and Relaxation Practices

Mindfulness and Traditional Holistic Counselling Practitioners.

Holistic Retreats

Holistic Health focused Retreats for Body Mind and Life.

Holistic Spas

Holistic Spas that are focused on offering Holistic Health Services.

Be part of the only Vetted Multidisciplinary Directory of Holistic Practitioners in the United Kingdom.

We started the Holistic List to offer a simple to use resource for practitioners who wanted to advertise their businesses and take advantage of online payments and bookings. Most outdated directories do not offer this service, and certainly do not vet practitioners to the same level we do.  

If you would like take advantage of this unique offering to enhance your practice and your services experience

We focus on holistic businesses specialising in complementary and alternative practices, courses, retreats and spas.

Our aim is to be the most trusted resource by local government and the NHS (Social Prescribing and GP’s) who could recommend the register to their patients for holistic health.

We are unique as we identity check all Service Users, so we know who they are, to ensure a safe environment for all practitioners.

Vetted is the only way on to our directory...

We will only list practitioners and businesses who have passed out vetting criteria.  They will need prove their identity, qualifications, insurance and affiliations.  Our vetting criteria is based on Professional Standards Authority, local government and GP’s guidelines.  If you are approved, you will be part of an elite set of practitioners.

We feel this much needed resource will level the playing field we have a minimum time in practice requirement which means no more having to complete with practitioners, who have only completed the bare minimum to get qualified. 

Some of the Key Benefits to Joining the Holistic List

Practice Benefits:

Starting a business is hard enough without thinking about your online profile website and payments let alone bookings and service user management.  We ease some of the admin of running your practice, for example, service user booking and payment management, online profile and marketing.  The page you get is like a mini website; you can direct your service users directly there from any social media accounts to take bookings, view current offering and specials, availability and prices.   All this without any need for any technical know how.

All bookings are handled via the online portal and you can view them directly on your mobile in Google calendar.  You have total control over your availability and you can change these settings at any time yourself or we can do it for you, for example when you are going to be on holiday.  What’s great is you won’t need to invest in an expensive website, booking platform, payment gateway, social and directory listing, which would typically cost more than £1500 plus extra per year.  We offer all this for a fraction of the cost.  You can view all past appointments and any related notes, so that your services users receive the best treatment possible.  Your service users will love the 24 hour access and that they can pay via a credit or debit card or Paypal online. 

Listing Page Information:

  • Personalised business listing page with description
  • You can add a feature image, logo and up to 6 images to make your business stand out
  • You can add amenities and personalised FAQ
  • Your listing will detail your working hours, which can be changed very easily
    • Including any restricted days and time you do not want to work
  • For practices you can manage staff availability and sync their Google calendar, ensuring they are always aware of their appointments  
  • You can manage service user bookings online with a reschedule function
  • You can offer more payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Gift Certificates 
  • You will be able to display that you have been vetted on your profile
  • You can list all your services no matter how complex, including any resources that may be needed to ensure no over booking
  • If you have a retreat you can offer room types and additional services
  • If you run a course you can be sure that you have enough students before the class goes ahead
  • And more….

Patient Benefits:

Service users will be able to find your practice easily with our easy to use search functionality.  They can browse your services, read reviews and check prices and availability, all without having to call you, and they can do that 24 hours a day.  They can book, pay and reschedule appointments with ease via the self-service function, making it easier to manage their appointments anytime.  These are all done with the rules you set up.  Appointments are synced with their Google calendars, reducing no shows.  Through the notes system service users will be able to view any aftercare and advice that you have shared, allowing them to take a more proactive approach to their health because it is shared with them directly.  This offers a more personalised approach and will increase customer retention and loyalty.  Service users will have a record of all their appointments (not just with your practice) which will give them a joined up view of their health plan and give you a better overview on how to formulate the best treatment plan for them.   

We offer a number of Individual and Practice membership options depending on your requirements and budget.

Individual Membership Plans


Practice Memberships