Practitioner Registration

Thank you for taking the time to register with the Holistic List.
We are happy to support and help you along the way, if you need any help please contact us.


**Please note: to complete your sign up you will need to complete your payment.  Once we have your registration, we will contact you to start the Vetting Process.

We use Stripe as a payment processor, so you can pay with AMEX, Credit Card, Debit Card and soon Apple Pay.

We only list practitioners that have been vetted by us.  We use an approved vetting criteria, and will contact you after sign up to take you through what is required.  Please note these questions and requirements are to ensure that all practitioners are measured fairly and in the same way.  We feel that this basic level of vetting is what is amiss on most directory and voucher sites.  This protects you and all youclients (services users).

The vetting period is dependant on how fast we are able to get the information required form the practitioner and the associated bodies that we need to contact, including the insurance companies.  But on average it takes about 3 weeks.  We are always working to improve this time to ensure that you get the most out of your membership.

We have consulted with a number of Therapists, Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses, Consultants and lecturers and the common thread is the word Practitioner.  This is why we chose to use this to ensure that we are inclusive.

As with the term Practitioner we found that a number of terms that are used to a customers namely; customer, client, patient.  We settled on Service User, as a global term, one who uses the services of our practitioners.