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  • We were in Cardiff for a few days and as a treat we booked for a Reflexology treatment.
    I visited Ramos Therapy on 8 February 2022.

    Finding the therapist: She has a free listing on the Holistic List, so easy to find.

    Booking: Booking is available on Holistic List but she does not avail herself to this. In order to book we had to Google her – we found her website but then clicked and were taken to another site called Treatwell. We could pay with PayPal on Treatwell, but we needed to sign up for an account to check out.

    Before we arrived we got a reminder email from Treatwell and a text from from Sandra.

    On the day: We arrived a few minutes before the treatment and went up to the door and rang the bell. Eventually someone came out and asked why were there. I mentioned we were there to see Sandra for Reflexology. We were told to just wait in the parking lot. It is understandable that COVID may have changed things, but this is not ideal. Especially if you are not local, you are not in a car or it is raining (as it was on the day we were there). Better facilities could be made available for people waiting.

    We would have appreciated clearer instructions before arrival to let us know the arrival process. Sandra did eventually come down after about 10 minutes to collect me. I just felt a bit disappointed by how the treatment had started.

    Directions: It was easy to find with SATNAV. Sandra did tell us we could park there.

    Parking: There is parking at the front of the building and the rear.

    Facilities: Toilet facilities on the way to the room, my only comment is that I could not get the door to lock so felt a bit unsafe. No antiviral hand wash.

    Treatment: On arrival in the treatment room, Sandra did ask a few friendly questions about my personal life and if I had any thoughts on the treatment. I was clear that I wanted to destress and that I felt my chest was congested but overall I wanted to relax.
    I was prepared and had brought some shorts, which she commented on and said so many clients forget. She was very friendly and engaging, but also slightly aloof. She left the room and requested I get on the treatment bed and cover myself with the towel. She came in after a bit. The treatment started. A few minutes in she asked if I was OK, I mentioned that her pressure was a bit light initially, but after asking I mentioned I would prefer a firmer pressure, which she obliged. The room was a bit cold. She used a number of zone opening techniques, and worked on a number of the areas I had indicated. It was very relaxing but also I felt a number of crystals, that she did work on but did not seem to focus on. Overall she offered a professional treatment and was proficient in Reflexology techniques. I felt that I did benefit from the treatment. One thing I really like was she used a Singing Bowl to indicate the end of the therapy. When treatment had finished she left the room. I was given the instruction to get dressed. When I was walking out I asked if there were any particular areas of concern and if she has any recommendations? We said goodbye and I was asked to exit out the back of the premises.

    I wasn’t given clear aftercare advice.
    No instructions as to a possible treatment plan, this could have been down to the fact that she knew I wasn’t local. But I do not think this excuses the fact that she did not even discuss it.

    GDPR: It was not clear how my data was going to be used and how I requested that it be removed or deleted. Possible concern if you want to have your data removed.

    Areas of concern:
    I did not see any visual proof of any certification, affiliations or memberships.
    I was not presented proof of insurance.
    This was not available on her website or on Treatwell.
    I was not asked if I needed any help getting on the treatment bed as she was outside the room when I got on.
    There was no consultation form and no paperwork was filled in, so she did not establish any allergies or underlying health issues.
    No follow up contact at all?
    But a concern is now we are relentlessly advertised to by Treatwell, removal link has not stopped the emails.

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