We have joined forces with leading business insurance broker PolicyBee, to offer tailor made, discounted insurance to our practitioners, when you sign up for one of our membership plans.

PolicyBee and the Holistic List

Why do I need business insurance?

Looking after your service users is, of course, your number one priority. But if a service user alleges your work has injured them or made them ill, it can lead to a compensation claim against you.

Insurance for complementary therapists helps. With cover for your treatments and your professional negligence included, you needn’t worry about your defence costs or the compensation you could be liable for.

What treatments are covered?

  • Acupuncture/acupressure
  • Homeopathy
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • …and more…
Perfect Balance Holistic List

In fact, PolicyBee tailor your insurance policy to your individual business needs, so any practice that you offer should be covered, so you can rest assured that the insurance policy that you sign up for will be perfectly balanced for your business.

How do I know which type of insurance I need?​

PolicyBee only deal in small business insurance, so they know what you need, even if you don’t. 

They will ask you simple questions based on your business and make recommendations on the type of insurance you may need.

They also know that buying insurance can be a bit of a pain. So they make sure getting yours is quick and hassle-free.

They do all that while treating you like a human being, too. You won’t find a call centre or a phone menu. And they’ve banned nonsense insurance jargon.

Insurance jargon in a nutshell

Malpractice insurance

Malpractice is an allegation that can be aimed at anyone offering services with the potential to inflict bodily or mental damage. So complementary therapists, personal trainers, yoga and Pilates teachers, and counsellors all run the risk of unintentionally harming their service users.

Perhaps a counselling client claims you heightened their mental stress instead of relieving it. Or a yoga asana too far causes a slipped disc. In cases like these, a simple, heartfelt ‘sorry’ usually won’t cut it. Instead, a claim for compensation often follows – which means not only expensive legal fees but potentially eye-watering damages payments. 

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is for businesses or individuals who offer a specialist service, give professional advice or provide particular expertise to paying clients. It protects you against claims made by dissatisfied or disgruntled service users, or when they allege that you’ve not done your job properly.

Public liability insurance

Public liability covers third party injuries, such as haphazard accidents that aren’t directly linked to the job you carry out. For example if a service user trips over a loose floorboard in your practice, and breaks their leg. Or if you visit them at home and you spill essential oil on their carpet and ruin it.

Employer’s liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance covers the legal costs associated with a claim if an employee is injured or gets ill at work and your business is held liable, and pays any compensation awarded to your employees. Even if you have just one member of staff, you’re legally required to have it.

How do I take advantage of this great offering from Holistic List and PolicyBee?

To be entitled to a massive 10% discount from insurance partner ,PolicyBee, you will need to sign up to one of our incredible Fundamental or Practice membership plans. For further details on all our membership plans and to take advantage of this increadilbe offer, visit our dedicated practitioner memberhip information page.Policy Bee and Holistic List


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