How to add your holistic health business

How to add your holistic health business to the Holistic List

Step 1 – Is your business already listed?

First look to see if your business is already listed. Simplest way to do this is to go to the home page and use our fancy search bar function to search for your business name.

Search for your business

Step 2 – If your business is already listed, contact us

Our system is clever enough to know if there is a duplicate and should alert you to the fact.

If your business has a listing, click on the business name to check the listing to ensure it is your practice.

Once you are happy to proceed with your membership, choose the best membership and check out, afterwards contact us to know you already have a listing.  We will get you set up on the system to take bookings and payments online.

Business search results Holistic List

You will then be asked to login to your account. If you haven’t already registered, you will need to create an account by selecting ‘Register’ and entering the details on the form.

Next, complete the simple form. Please note that each of the fields is mandatory, so fill everything in, otherwise it won’t let you send it.

  • * Full name – enter your name so we can verify you are the owner of the business.

  • * Phone – just in case we have to call you to check any of the details.

  • * Position in Business – let us know if you are the owner, partner, manager etc of the business.

  • * Message – send us a message letting us know you want to claim the business. This bit is already populated, but you can change it if you want.

  • * Select Package – From the dropdown, select which membership package you would like.

When you click on ‘Send’ this will take you to the checkout page. More about that later.

Claim listing form - Holistic List

Step 3 - If your business isn't already listed, register now

Go to our practitioner registration page. You can find this by clicking this link or clicking on ‘List your business’ at the top of the home page.

Holistic List - List your business link
You will then be taken to our Practitioner Registration page, which contains all the information need to understand why you need to get yourself listed on the Holistic List. Watch our informative video and get to know Ruby and Tom, have a look at some of the practices we offer and check out all the perks of becoming a member of the Holistic List.
Holistic List - Practitioner registration page

When you’re ready to register, click on the category to get started:

Course – if you run classes like yoga or tai chi

Events – this could be holistic fair or a relaxation evening

Jobs – to list any jobs that you have available

Practice – select if you are a business who wants to get listed

Retreat – if you run meditation, reiki, detox retreats

Holistic List - click on a category to get started

We will select the ‘Add Practice’ link to show you how the registration process works

You will then be asked to login to your account. If you haven’t already registered, you will need to create an account by selecting ‘Register’ and entering the details on the form. 

Once logged in you will be taken to the listing page, and…

Enter the listing details for your business on this page:

  • * Business Name – enter the name of your business, how you would like it to be displayed on the website

  • * Address – enter the address of your business here. You can click on the arrow on the right, and your location will be selected automatically (you may get a pop up that asks you to allow location, please click ‘yes’). Otherwise enter your address in the relevant fields. 

Remember to click ‘Set Address On Map’ and ensure that the map shows your correct location – this will make your business show up in the listings when people search for businesses in your area. The lattitude and longitude will populate automatically when you set the address on the map, so you don’t need to change these. Leave the map view as ‘default’.

* Landline and Mobile – add your telephone numbers here

* Email – enter the business email address here

* Business Description – tell customers about your business here

* Book Now – ignore this box as its for Holistic List admin only

Holistic List - listing details 1
  • * Business Hours – To enter your opening hours click ‘Yes’ and then tick the days you are open and your operating hours. If you click ‘No’ the default opening hours will be selected.

    * Category – select the category which best suits your business from the dropdown.

    * Logo – if you have a business logo, drag and drop the file here, or click on ‘Select file’ and search for it. Note the recommended size for a logo is 200px x 100px. If you don’t have a logo, get in touch with us and we can create one for you.

    * Images – you can add some images here to create a gallery on your listing page.

    * Add a Video URL – if you have a video on YouTube, Vimeo, etc, you can add the URL here.

    * Membership Plans – select the required membership plan from the options.

    * Terms and Conditions – Tick the box to indicate you have read and understand the terms and conditions – you can click on the link to view the terms and conditions first.

    * Special offers – enter the details of any offers you offer here

    * Add the details of any social media or website addresses in the next fields.
Holistic List - listing details 2

When you’re done, you can click on ‘Preview Listing’ to see how your listing will appear on the site. If you want to make any changes, just close the preview and enter the updated information. When you’re finished, click on ‘Submit Listing’. You will then be forwarded to the checkout page.

Step 4 – Checkout

When you get to the checkout page, you need to enter your payment information:


  • * Name – enter your first and last names. If paying by card these need to match the details on the payment card

    * Company name – enter the name of the business here

    * Address – enter your billing address here. Again, if paying by card this needs to match the payment details

    * Phone – enter your phone number here, in case we need to contact you about your payment

    * Email address – enter your email address here – this will be used to email you your payment receipt

    * Your order – this will show you what you will be ordering and how much it will cost. Make sure you are happy with the details here before going any further

    * Payment details – Select your payment method and enter the information in the required fields. If you choose to, you can select to save payment details on your account for any future purchases. Note these details are securely saved by our payment providers, and not by us.

    * Terms and conditions – tick the box to confirm you have read and agree to the terms

Holistic List - Listing Checkout Page

Once you’re done, click on ‘Place order’. You will get a confirmation on the screen and also a confirmation email. Once payment has been confirmed our vetting service will begin.