Energy and Spiritual

What are Holistic Energy and Spiritual Practices?

Holistic Energy practices include Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and Reiki to mention a few.  They work on the subtle energy bodies sometimes referred to as the Chakra’s.

Energy therapies are alternative therapies that aim to create a state of balance, health and peace in a person. An underlying theory to energy therapies involves energy blockages or imbalances that lead to illness and disease. The most popular forms of energy therapy are music therapy, crystal therapy and Reiki.
Please note we include all therapies that have a recognised qualification and can be insured.  It is not our position to state which treatment works best.  We just ensure that it is from a reputable practitioner who is insured and have experience.

Crystal Therapy
Angel Therapy
Bi Aura Energy Therapy 
Bio Energy Therapy 
Bio Resonance 
Biomagnetic therapy 
Colour therapy 
Crystal Healing Therapy
Cymatic Therapy 
Daoyin Tao Therapy
Electro Crystal Therapy 
Energy Field Healing 
Energy morphing activation 
Feng Shui Therapy
Gem and Crystal Essences Therapy
Holistic face and body reading 
Kirlian photography
Magnetic Therapy 
Polarity therapy 
Quantum touch
Reiki Treatments
RESET TMJ Treatment
Shamanic Energy Medicine 
Soul Retrieval Therapy
Sound Healing 
Sound therapy
Spirit Release Therapy
Spiritual Counselling 
Vortex Healing