Holistic Health Courses and Training

Holistic health is a varied and vast area, there are many opportunities to learn a new skill or further develop your current practice.  What make a holistic health course that is listed on the Holistic List, well we vet the institution or course giver with the same vigour we do all people that use the platform.


Ensuring that the learning outcomes that you expect will prepare you for the best health outcomes for your clients.  We focus on face to face course givers.  This is to ensure a higher quality of training.  Online course elements may make up part of the couriculum however we would expect that the majority of the course is condicted in person.  Assessments must be done with a verified assessor.


If you have a course that you would like to list with us please reach out to us.  Our system is simple to use for the management of students and payments.

holistic health courses and training

Some of the courses that we cover

We only list businesses that we have personally vetted to Professional Standards Authority guidelines; we check more criteria than any of our competitors. You get a personalised business listing, online booking and payments, and reviews, without the hassle of having to manage it.

Easy course management, including payments.