Breuss Spinal Massage

Breuss Spinal Massage

Breuss Spinal Massage is a treatment that involves a very gentle yet effective spinal massage aiming to safely stretch, nourish, realign and energise the patient’s spine and relieve muscular aches and pains in the back. 

Breuss massage therapy

Breuss massage

Where Breuss Spinal Massage differs from other types of classic massage is that the techniques and sequences involved have been specifically developed to benefit the spine. It is a unique form of body work therapy that aims primarily to alleviate physical or energetic blockages that may occur in the spine. This in turn may help to promote the regeneration process of undernourished intervertebral discs. It can also be beneficial for other types of musculoskeletal injuries, particularly in the area of the sacrum.

It is usual, following a Breuss Spinal Massage, to feel relaxed or rejuvenated. Patient’s discomfort is also usually reduced or absent after a treatment.


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