Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy

A form of psychological counselling, Angel Therapy was created only recently in comparison to some ancient therapies. That is not to say it is any less effective.

Doreen Virtue, during the 1980s and 1990s, was a psychologist who during her early years had many clairvoyant experiences. One day in 1995 she heard angelic voices telling her that her car would be stolen, which at the time she did not listen to. Later in the day she found herself the victim of an attempted carjacking and she finally heeded the angelic voices telling her to scream. The carjackers were thus scared off.

Since then Doreen listened to those voices and created angel therapy by combining traditional psychological training and those psychic abilities. She has written books and lectured on the subject, and there are now many angel therapy practitioners around the world.

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A typical angel therapy session aims to teach you to communicate with the angels. It can start with a prayer to the angels, thus attuning you to the voices. The session can also include a card reading.

Angel therapy is a spiritual practice that can help you to ask questions and make the right decisions. The angels will always have your best interests at heart.