Where it all started

The inspiration for the Holistic List was a personal journey helping my mother regain her health after being diagnosed with cancer

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she decided that she wanted a blend of modern and traditional (holistic) treatments.  Her oncologist and doctors at the time were not happy with the choice but as a family we wanted to support her decision.  Thus our journey began, my siblings and I first scoured the internet looking for a list of practitioners that specialised in traditional or holistic treatments to help alleviate some of the side effects of the cancer drugs. 

We found tons of listings and multiple sites on Google with plenty of practitioners who seemed to offer what we were seeking, but who was the best and who could we trust?  We got no support from her medical team, who just sighed everytime we mentioned holistic treatments. 

There did not seem to be any resources that we could check as there is no common vetting approach, terminology or association that governs these sorts of treatments.  There are a number of associations all vying for your attention. 

Only some of the associations checked that their members were keeping up with the latest techniques; most checked insurance but only if it is offered through them.  It was so hard to make decisions under such pressure and coordinate all my mothers appointments. 

We also wanted to book and pay online to ensure that we got her to her appointments. Coordinating all of our diaries with work and family commitments was tough.  We could only really discuss this at night or on the weekend,  when typically businesses are closed.  We were sharing all the costs so needed online payment. Which was a challenge as most of these practitioners did not offer credit card payments let alone PayPal. 

It was a hard slog but we found a rhythm, in hindsight it really would have been helpful to have a central place that we could all login to book, pay and see any upcoming appointments, read any notes from practitioners or information to ensure best care.   

* Please ensure that you always consult your medical team before taking on any holistic treatments.

Why we wanted to start the list:

There are a number of registers, over 300+ as far as we are aware, all offering different specialities and services, we bring these all together in one place.  Making it easire to find a holistic health service that you can trust, book and pay for  online all in one place.

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