Diversity and Inclusion at Holistic List

We have added gender and sexual identities to our listings to make our vetted holistic health platform more inclusive.

To continue our journey to be the largest vetted inclusive multidisciplinary holistic health booking and payments platform we have made some really exciting and fundamental changes. These changes will create a more transparent and safer ecosystem.

What have we changed for patients?

We have updated two key information points in the signup process for patients. When you have found a holistic health business that you want to book, you will be asked to create an account (this is a new requirement). In this process we now request two additional optional pieces of information: gender identity and sexual identity.

Why is it important?

After pride week we felt that we needed to add some additional functionality to our platform. We felt this information makes for a more transparent and open environment, which we feel is so important within the Holistic Health sector.

One of the largest holistic health areas that we cover is mental health services such as Psychotherapy and it is important to ensure that, as a patient, you have the choice of who you work with on your mental health journey. But also important to the provider of the services this added information will help patients and providers feel more comfortable with who they are working with.

There are many areas where we feel this additional information will help patients make better treatment choices. They may be dealing with very specific traumas or issues and this information may help them to feel better represented and safer and we hope it will help them in their personal healing process.

We feel having this information upfront will encourage some patients to seek help earlier.

What have we changed for Holistic Health Businesses

For any new holistic health, complementary or alternative health business that signs up to promote or accept bookings for their class, event, job, retreat or service, they will have the opportunity to add their gender identity and sexual identity.

Why is this imporatant for businesses?

We feel that some core areas of holistic health may be under-represented in the industry and it has been hard to improve due to a lack of transparency; this small step will help in this regard. Being able to choose your patients and knowing this information upfront may help foster better treatment plans while allowing a provider to practice is a safer environment. Especially important for lone practitoners who offer on-site or mobile services.

This information along with our vetting criteria should help ease anxiety of practitioners who might have suffered indignity or bad behavour from patients in the past. Some patients might not be happy with some forms os self expresssion. It is not the solution but a small step in the right direction.

Please note adding this information is optional at this stage. It is up to the provider or patient to add this vital information.

When is this change happening?

We have spent a long time investigating diversity and inclusion and how we can add this requirement it to our platform. Inspired by a number of brave people we decided to invest in this upgrade programme and added resource and made the code changes in the system. We are proud to say these changes are now live. These are optional fields at this stage, but we are encouraging all who use the system to add this information including current users.

Offering more choice

Having a practitioner who understands and may have had similar life experience is very healing in itself. Not having to add ‘they’ to your discussions because the therapist has automatically assumed your partner is of a specific gender would be quite liberating.

We also feel that physical therapists will benefit from this openness. Having the ability to choose if you only want to take on female clients, because you are from a specific religious group is now possible. It also opens up a wider forum for these business who may have had use of a limited amount of resources. Allowing all groups to advertise their practice, class or event in a transparent forum.

Another example may be a trans life coach, who may understand specific issues and struggles other trans people have suffered and the personal frustration that comes with a world that is not always quite accepting being able to offer these services to other trans or trans advicates patients.

We the Holistic List are inclusive, diverse and open for business

We are truly joyful of this change and the opportunities it offers. Especially after the horrific time we have all suffered recently. We need to take care of ourselves and feel comfortable doing so. Please join us in celebrating.

Want to get involved?

If you are already listed on the site please add the details to your listing, they will already be there. If you are a business or an association and would like to work with us in promoting inclusion, diversity and transparency, please reach out to us. You can book a free 20 minute consulation here: Book a consultation – Holistic List

But most importantly, be kind to one another.

Founder – Holistic List