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Holistic List Newsletter September 2021

Apologies to anyone who has received this newsletter more than once our email programme had a glitch, sorry. Holistic List Team

What is the new normal?

Getting back to ‘normal’ life after a global pandemic has and continues to be a challenge. Travel to work or coming back after being on furlough has created areas of stress and pressure in our lives that we have never had to face before.

Mental health

Mental health is definitely a key focus and we should all acknowledge the toll that being back in the office has placed on us and our families. We need to mourn our quiet time, the fact that you could get a coffee in a few minutes and that it would not cost you an arm and a leg. Making small talk and having to check in all the time is hard. Some of us still have the luxury of working from home a few days a week, giving us a welcome break.

Mental Health Holistic List

Back to the grindstone

Some have taken to getting back to the office with a spring in their step. Happy to interact with their colleagues in the real world and being part of modern life. But what about their colleagues that do not feel the same, the introverted colleagues or those who have social anxiety? It is vastly different having an opinion in a small Teams or Zoom meeting than standing up on an open floor and saying what you feel!

Stress is Zoom-ing

We are very excited to announce that we have added virtual services to our booking platform. You can now offer Zoom, Skype, Telephone and Video to your patients as well as in-person and onsite options to offer the widest choice to your patients. When a patient books they choose how they want to conduct the appointment. With this amazing technology you can now offer a free initial consultation to determine if you want to take on a patient; it also gives them the opportunity to ask any pre-treatment questions.

Zoom Calls with Holistic List

Automatic reminders and calendar sync

Once an appointment is confirmed the system sends out a confirmation email to the patient; you will also get a notification. The email arrives with an easy-to-add calendar appointment attached to add to your calendar.

If you have linked your Google calendar (you can create a business specific calendar), all appointments are automatically synced so you have the most up to date schedule, so no more overbooking. You can do this all via the GMAIL app on your phone.

48 and 24 hours before the appointment, reminders are sent out via email and text message to ensure no-shows are kept to a minimum. All this is included in our Booking(s) Membership from only £45 per year. We feel it is a perfect solution for mind therapies and even mindfulness courses or one-on-one nutrition or mentoring sessions. If you want to know more, book a free 20 minute chat here: Holistic List Team – Booking

Gmail Holistic List

Trust is hard

Who do you trust to look after your business online as well as you do? You have worked hard to build up your patient base, and letting a 3rd party in may take some getting used to, especially when it is taking payments on your behalf. It can be scary, but if you don’t have the time or the desire to learn these skills and you know your patients want this type of access you will need to deal with your trust issues. In the end it is a leap of faith, just as your patients need to trust your skills so you need to trust any partner you work with. Only time will tell.

We have worked hard to ensure that our offering has a direct benefit, is inclusive and transparent. Being a small UK business we too need to take leaps of faith everytime we dedicate time and effort to onboarding a new provider. We would love to have the opportunity to add some value to your business.

Mobile therapist
Mobile therapist

Being polite a thing of the past?

Have you noticed that somehow being polite and professional seems to be a thing of the past? Saying hi on the phone, via email or via a chat portal seems too far for most people to go? I miss the days when we all treated fellow businesses with a level of respect, after all, we are in the same market trying to make a living and want to feel that we are adding value and making a difference. Am I right?

At the Holistic List we strictly uphold these morals and all staff are well trained. They are empowered to refuse to deal with anyone who is aggressive or disrespectful in any way. We always have the opportunity to be positive and grateful and treat everyone fairly and respectfully. Are we a thing of the past?

Pay it forward

Not sure if you have noticed that you may have received some emails from potential patients via the Holistic List.  We decided to help our fellow small businesses post COVID. Potential patients can search and find providers in their area and can send a message direct to the business. This is a free service, so please look out for them, as they are genuine queries from patients looking for help, advice or to book. We of course would like for all businesses to sign up but there is not expectation for you to do so. All we ask is that you pay it forward.


Any questions or to raise a concern please contact us here: Contact us – Holistic List

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