A Short Introduction to Angel Therapy

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Do you believe in angels? Let us teach you a little about Angel Therapy and what it can do for you.

What’s Angel Therapy all about?

Angel Therapy is a form of psychological counselling that integrates traditional counselling techniques with a belief in the reality of angels and the ability of people to become aware of them. A particularly spiritual person can connect with angels themselves. Others need a practitioner, who’ll use an angel card deck to give readings, and who can channel your angels and passed loved ones. 

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How can Angel Therapy help me?

Angel Therapy is based on the concept that if we communicate with the angels, they will send us healing and guidance. According to practitioners, everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create more peace in your life. Believers believe that angels can give clear guidance in many areas—finances, relationships, health, and tapping into your life’s purpose. They’re practical helpers who intervene in our everyday lives, but you’ve got to ask for their help, because angels don’t, and won’t, impose on anyone’s freewill.

What can I expect from an Angel Therapy session?

Practitioners say connecting with your angels feels like meeting family or reuniting with best friends you haven’t seen in ages—there’s a sense of familiarity, love, and recognition that can be healing, all on its own. Come prepared with questions or intentions, and you (or your practitioner) will be guided to the angel cards that are most appropriate for you at the moment—a little bit like tarot. Expect a co-creative experience in which you, the practitioner, and the angels all come together.

Where did it all begin?

Angel Therapy was created by superstar spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue, otherwise known as ‘the angel guru’. Virtue has created a programme for all who wish to become certified Angel Therapy practitioners, with live sessions that frequently take place in New York City. For those a little further away she has also written a number of books on the topic.

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How can I communicate with the angels?

Through angel readings, the angel oracle cards, angel therapies and angel therapy courses, we can make a spiritual connection to the Archangels. If you feel you need some guidance from the angels, read the below to find out more:

  • Archangel Michael – encourages us to speak the truth and brings us courage, strength and protection. He stands very tall and holds a sword which is ready to cut free the ties that we have to negative energies, people or situations. Call upon Archangel Michael for strength and protection.
  • Archangel Chamuel – teaches us to have peaceful relationships, to find solutions to issues with other people, and brings us unconditional love. He encourages us to love ourselves and show unconditional love to others. Invoke Archangel Chamuel if you need help and support to resolve relationship problems.
  • Archangel Raphael – inspires us to heal ourselves and others and supervises all of the healers in the world. Call upon Archangel Raphael for emotional, physical, psychological healing. You can also ask him to bring healing to your relationships.
  • Archangel Gabriel – encourages us to embrace our artistic and creative skills. He motivates us and inspires us to use our creativity to communicate and helps us to ignore criticism and procrastination. Invoke Archangel Gabriel if you want to succeed in a creative project or if you need to develop something existing.
  • Archangel Jophiel – is known as the angel of beauty. She helps us to see the beauty in ourselves and others through creative inspiration. She awakens us and gives us wisdom to devote ourselves to beautiful things. Invoke Archangel Jophiel when you want to feel inspired and need reminding of the beauty around you.
  • Archangel Uriel – teaches us to live peacefully, to find tranquillity and offer service to help others find the same. He urges us to connect to the universal consciousness and the spiritual realms. Invoke Archangel Uriel if you need clarity on thoughts and ideas, creative insight and help on connecting to the universe.
  • Archangel Zadkiel – helps us to learn and to remember facts and figures. He also encourages us to forgive, to heal painful memories and to have compassion and empathy for others. Invoke Archangel Zadkiel if you need to increase your tolerance of others or if you need to forgive somebody.

By learning about the specific tasks and responsibilities of the Archangels, we can ask for their support and guidance in our daily life. All you need to do is say a prayer to them, starting with ‘please’ and ending with ‘thank you for helping me’. By doing this, you have invoked the angels and given them permission to help you and guide you whenever you need it.

Have you tried angel therapy? Do you believe that angels can help you? Share your thoughts below.

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Author: Andrew R