10 Interesting Facts About People Born in August!

Its the height of the summer, but does that mean that people born in the month of August are hot headed? Read on to find out!
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People born this month are usually very confident. Depending on their date of birth, they would either be a Leo or Virgo, and there’s a lot to like about people born under both of these signs. Leos are extremely confident. They are strong, both physically and mentally. Strong-willed, proud, loyal, and brave, they can be outspoken and often enjoy being the centre of attention. 


Virgos are generally witty, hardworking, and practical. They have an appealing personality too. Detail-oriented, organised, and practical, they tend to be intelligent and reliable. They should grow up to be a responsible individual. All that hard work and attention to detail will help them achieve their goals.

Good Leader

August-borns are confident, organised, and practical. These are the basic qualities of a good leader. If a person born in August grows up to be a leader or a manager in a big organisation, don’t be surprised, because they will have gained that position because of all the hard work they put in. August-borns make naturally strong leaders because of their confidence and charisma.


People born in August love being treated like royalty. They are very reciprocal and giving when treated with respect and honour. They enjoy being noticed when they enter a room which they would often do quite dramatically and won’t hesitate to ask for your praise when they don’t get it!


Those born this month also have an outgoing personality. They are confident, have little self-control, but are kind-hearted. They can easily talk to people and get along with them. Although they love being the centre of attention, they are also empathic listeners. They make great conversationalists and tend to be daydreamers. Their social skills are generally second-to-none.


Although they are outgoing, August-borns tend to be private regarding sensitive issues and need some me-time now and then. They also don’t open up easily to people except for the ones they are really close to and trust.

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August-borns are selective and have high standards. They are quite conservative with their affection and you would need to make them feel special before they begin to reciprocate. Because of their high standards, not everybody can be their close friends.


Being intuitive and good at reading people, those born in August are often very stubborn. They think that their opinions matter the most, and surprisingly, they are right most of the times. They tend to protect their pride to stop people from seeing their sensitive side.

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August-borns are self-motivated and can overcome difficult situations without losing their enthusiasm. They are energetic and drive themselves and others around them, making them perfect for leadership roles.

Short Fuse

People born in August are very smart, and they cannot handle people who ask stupid questions. They can have a high temper at times, but that’s only when dealing with stupid people. They get annoyed at the smallest things and will not hesitate to show it. So think twice before sharing your doubts with your August friend. 

Are we right? Does this perfectly describe your friends or family members born in August?

Andrew R
Author: Andrew R