Workplace Mindfulness when Working from Home

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Working in isolation can be a stressful thing. We're here to help take the stress away and to show you how you can be mindful when working from home.

Taking a moment out of your day to be mindful helps you to be more focussed, productive and innovative at work.

When you are under pressure, mindfulness can boost your resilience, allowing you to respond as only the best version of yourself can do.

Follow our top tips throughout your workday and just see the difference it can make.

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Check in with your team

It’s so important to keep that connection with your work buddies, whether you’re working on a project together or if you normally have a quick catch up at the coffee machine. Reach out, see how they’re doing, share your feelings and see how much better you feel.

Just breathe…

Stop regularly during the day and take 2-4 slow deep breaths. Use triggers to remind you to do this, such as when you go to the bathroom, or even before pressing send on an email.


Make the most of the ‘now’ and prioritise by doing the most important thing first. If you don’t have the time to complete the entire task, at least take the first step.

Step outside

If the weather’s good, take your laptop and spend the afternoon outside. Your eyes will thank you for it, as each time you look up you will be stretching your vision. You’ll be benefitting from the wonderful fresh air and taking in all that vitamin D. Feel your feet on the floor and connect with your physical senses.

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Eat mindfully

Make space in your day to stop and enjoy your meal break. Move away from your desk, computer and phone. Slow down and savour every mouthful and you will feel more refreshed on return to work.

Deal with conflict

If you encounter any conflict at work, avoid emailing and talk to the person directly instead, using video or just a phone call. This will build up your kindness muscle.

Listen generously

Those moments when you want to give your opinion, advise or a solution? Try listening instead. What is your intention, is it to hear or be heard? Be more curious and ask more questions.


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Whatever you’re doing give it your full attention. Remember to stop and acknowledge your successes, instead of just rushing on to the next task on your to-do list straightaway.

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re overwhelmed, pause and take a few deep breaths. Give the feeling a label (angry, upset, etc). Ask yourself ‘what do I need and how can I best respond? Strong emotions dissipate when you acknowledge them.

Share the love

Let people know why you appreciate them. Say ‘job well done’ and be specific about it. People expand with compliments and contract with criticism.

How do you cope with stress when working from home? Share your experiences with us.

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