How to Relax – Part Six – Connect with Nature

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There's nothing better for relaxation than a trip to the countryside, to take in the beauty of nature and to truly relax. But thats not always possible...

Many of us are stuck indoors at the moment, and even if you can go out, the closest things you can see are high-rise buildings or uninspiring industrial estates. So how do you bring nature home so that you can relax in the beauty of nature?

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Spending just a few minutes in nature when you feel stressed is one of the best ways to help you relax. When you’re feeling stressed, take a step outside and go for a short walk, or simply sit in nature. 

You don’t necessarily need to be in nature to feel its stress-reducing effects. Scientists have found that simply looking at images of nature with greenery, lakes, rivers or mountains for five minutes on a computer screen can help calm you down. So, thanks to technology, even people living and working in big cities far from nature can still experience its calming effects.

Have a look at the pictures on this post, as they are some great examples of nature pictures that we at the Holistic List found to be really relaxing.

You could even go one step further to your relaxed state. Couple the pictures of nature with some nature sounds (easily found on your favourite music streaming app) to make your nature connection truly immersive.

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Have you tried connecting with nature, either visiting the countryside or looking at beautiful nature images? Share your comments about how you relax.

Andrew R
Author: Andrew R