What does a Holistic Practitioner do during Lockdown?



In these unprecedented times, it can be difficult for holistic practitioners to continue to keep ourselves busy, because we have to adhere to the social distancing rules and therefore many of us cannot practice.

The people behind the Holistic List are holistic practitioners too, so we know exactly how you feel right now. We are busying ourselves making our website as user friendly as possible for our fellow practitioners and service users alike. We hope you can see the changes as they happen.


Can I practice?

Well this really depends which therapies you practice. Obviously anything that is hands on cannot be done at the moment. For example you can’t give anyone a massage. Its the perfect time to fine tune your skills by practising on family members and reading up on new techniques.

You can of course register your business on the Holistic List and get ready for when you can practice again, when you will be able to take advantage of our online booking system and have a 24/7 web presence.

Distance healing

Many of the mind or energy therapies can still be practised whilst maintaining social distancing rules. For example a Reiki practitioner is able to send distance healing to anywhere in the world. Creative therapies such as Art Therapy can be continued by the client whilst at home.

And of course any of the ‘talking’ therapies can take advantage of video calling using Skype or Whatsapp systems. This is a great way of keeping in contact with your client base and is very reassuring to your clients.

So there are many ways to keep working whilst on lockdown. As a holistic practitioner, how are you keeping busy? As a service user, have you been able to keep in contact with your therapist or practitioner?


Andrew R
Author: Andrew R