Join the Only Vetted Multidisciplinary Directory of Holistic Practitioners in the United Kingdom


We started the Holistic List because we could not find a single resource that we could trust with confidence, that listed vetted practitioners and could be booked and paid for online.

We focus on Holistic businesses specialising in complementary and alternative practices, courses, retreats and spas.

We are trusted by local government and the NHS (Social Prescribing and GP’s) who can recommend the directory to their patients for physical and mind therapies.

We are always looking for Holistic businesses to list, if you are a practitioner or own a practice please get in touch.


We will only list practitioners and businesses who have passed our Professional Standards Authority vetting criteria; they have to prove their qualifications, insurance, identity and affiliations. Our vetting criteria is set and approved by local government and GP’s.

If you are approved, you will be part of an elite set of practitioners and businesses.

This much needed resource will level the playing field, so no more having to compete with unscrupulous practitioners, who have only completed the bare minimum to get qualified. We will recognise your time in practice, your qualifications, memberships and affiliations.

What’s in it for your Practice?

  • You will receive a listing with booking facilities and online payments, offering your service users 24/7 access; along with advice, example treatment plans and after care instructions. All this without the need to invest in an expensive booking platform and website. You can view past appointments and related notes which are synced with a Google calendar.
  • Bookings are managed by the platform; your service users can reschedule when it is convenient.

What you get:

  • Personalised business listing page
  • You can add a number of photos and a logo to make your business stand out
  • Your listing will detail your working hours
  • Manage staff calendars
  • Take bookings online with a reschedule function and sync calendars to ensure you know what is in your booking book
  • Offer more payment methods to your customers: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Gift Certificates
  • Access advice and example treatment plans
  • Get a generous discount on your business insurance from Policy Bee.

What’s in it for your service users?

Through our notes system your service users will be able to view any notes that you have shared, allowing them to take a more proactive approach to their health and add value to your business. You can share aftercare and any other related information with them directly. Patients will have a record of all their appointments (not just with your practice) which may give you a better overview on how to formulate the best treatment plan.

Want to know more about why we set up the Holistic List? READ MORE


We only list businesses that we have personally vetted to Professional Standards Authority guidelines; we check more criteria than any of our competitors. You get a personalised business listing, online booking and payments, and reviews, without the hassle of having to manage it.