NHS failing to deliver Services

In light of the NHS failing to be able to keep up with demand for services to help patients that require mind therapies, is exactly why a resource like the Holistic List is needed.  This will give patients a much needed alternative to getting these services sooner rather than waiting in a queue for 6 weeks.

It is common knowledge that the sooner a patient is seen the more effective the treatment.  Where the services seems to be failing is after the initial appointment it takes in some cases up to 3 months to see the patient again.  This means that a number of patients are dropping out of system.  These patients are generally more in need and some at risks.

The NHS does see the benefit of these treatments and has stated that patients even after the long waiting periods still do get a benefit from these services.  It seems that the increase in demand for these services is what is driving the waiting periods up.

How can we ensure that patients are seen in a timely fashion and give them more choice?  Services like the Holistic List can offer some relief and options to patients who need help.  Mental health charities are aware of this problem and are offer along with the NHS more funding to get more availability of these services.  Especially as we fast approach festive periods now is the time to act and help.

What is the call to action, independent, niche services like the List are not prioritised for funding as it it not seen as a sound investment.  However these core services are more than just business they are in some cases a lifeline to patient who need help quickly.  If you want to know more and get involved please contact the Holistic List for more information.

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